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Turntablism 101


About the Art of the DJ

We represent a worldwide culture of artists that have revolutionized the music scene for generations. From radio, festivals & concerts, major production suites, and across the independent music scenes on every continent; you'll find the DJ orchestrating the crowd and manipulating sound right before your eyes. Originators like DJ Kool Herc and Grandmaster DXT paved the way for the world to see the Turntable in a new light forever.




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  • Overview of the history, culture, and the art of the DJ as well as possible careers in the form of a performance driven DJ
  • Basic Functions of the DJ Equipment (Turntables, Mixer, needles, Slipmats, Traditional and Time-code Vinyl Records, Speakers, DVS systems, All in One Controllers, etc.)
  • Introduction to Digital Vinyl Systems (DVS) software such as industry standards Serato, Rekordbox, and Native Instruments Traktor
  • Introduction to Music Theory for the DJ
  • Hand / Eye / Ear Fundamentals within the manipulation between Vinyl and Hardware used
  • Introduction to Mixing on 2 Turntables (matching tempo, composition, transitioning, key, Etc.)
  • Introduction to Beat Juggling (Live remixing of two sources through recomposing the structure of the song by hand, juggling portions of the music to create a new composition on the fly)
  • Introduction to Scratching Techniques and Theory – The biggest reason our students love us teaching is this portion, the nitty gritty of pure vinyl manipulation!



Offering Live PA Sound, Showcases big and small, and event music of all genres for a large variety of needs. Concerts, Weddings and other Family Events, Sporting Events, Private Events, Televised Events, and more. Contact us with your needs today!

Are you an already established DJ looking to add to your skills? We offer 1 on 1 training on any area you would like to dive into! Clean up those cuts, learn some new techniques in scratching, learn proper beatmatching skills and building a live performance set. Whatever you need help with, we can help!

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  • Richard Crooks
    Richard Crooks
  • Lia Vee
    Lia Vee

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Richard Crooks

I got into the whole Hip-Hop scene early 2000s. Going to the local Chicago b-boy battles I would always pay attention to what the DJ played. My dad played a big part during those years because he would buy my brother and I B-Boy battle VHS tapes from the West Coast and we would always hear new music. The DJs at the battles gave me
that interest in the art of turntablism. Once I came upon DJ Qbert I found inspiration and a new passion for turntablism. I saved for a pair of turntables and a mixer. Then and now I go as often as I can to record stores and dig for new records. I started slowly took interest in how the music was made which led me into producing my own music. Little by little I started building my own studio. Studying various producers who I looked up to, I learned how to produce my own beats. In 2006 I got a job at Guitar Center where I am surrounded by music knowledge. Working there I learned the equipment but most of all I gained knowledge from fellow coworkers and product specialists. September of 2011 I was an instructor of our Recording Made Easy classes. The classes I taught were on basic recording setup, hardware and software, setting up your DAW for recording, basic mixing, etc. I love sharing my knowledge to others so they can get inspired to create their own music.


I’ve been into the Indie Hip-Hop scene since my summer year of 8th grade. Up until then I always wanted to play the drums but living in the city, it would be too insane for my family and neighbors to handle. Seeing a concert featuring the Beastie Boys, their DJ blew my mind, Mix Master Mike controlled the crowd in such an awe inspiring way it left a permanent mark on my viewpoint of the turntables. I soon found inspiration in the unity and creative outlets of those involved in the culture. I saved my summer funds and invested in my first set of turntables and haven’t looked back since. Aside Turntablism, I have dedicated a lot of time and practice into the art of Beatboxing (Vocal Percussion) and have spent the last several years head over heels in the arts of Photography and Cinematography. A perfect blend of outlets to let myself express, and at the same time capture and archive all of these incredible people I’m blessed to share this movement and culture with.

Lia Vee

Music has been a very big part of my life. At an early age I always loved playing records from my parents’ collection. Making music and trying to play songs I learned by ear with my toy keyboard was always fun for me. At school I was involved with plays, choir and orchestra (viola) and I danced with the Quad Cities Ballet Folklorico for many years. My first time actually seeing a DJ in action I was amazed. I always wanted to learn but never had any way of learning. I moved to Chicago in 2004 and was reintroduced to the turntables by Jam One. I was hooked and was practicing whenever I got the chance. Since then I’ve developed a passion for creating music through the turntable and manipulating time and sound!