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We represent a worldwide culture of artists that have revolutionized the music scene for generations. From radio, festivals & concerts, major production suites, and across the independent music scenes on every continent; you’ll find the DJ orchestrating the crowd and manipulating sound right before your eyes. Originators like DJ Kool Herc and Grandmaster DXT paved the way for the world to see the Turntable in a new light forever.

With over 20 years of combined experience, we’ve always led by the mentality each one, teach one. Even early in our teenage years we would take time to teach others around us as we were learning. We have always been inspired  how music could empower us and those around us, to the point of even taking individuals around us out of negative paths in their lives and into a newfound love and inspiration for creative expression. That type of power is something to embrace and spread like wildfire and we are constantly looking for new avenues to do so!

Services We Provide


  • Overview of the history, culture, and the art of the DJ as well as possible careers in the form of a performance driven DJ
  • Basic Functions of the DJ Equipment (Turntables, Mixer, needles, Slipmats, Traditional and Time-code Vinyl Records, Speakers, DVS systems, All in One Controllers, etc.)
  • Introduction to Digital Vinyl Systems (DVS) software such as industry standards Serato, Rekordbox, and Native Instruments Traktor
  • Introduction to Music Theory for the DJ
  • Hand / Eye / Ear Fundamentals within the manipulation between Vinyl and Hardware used
  • Introduction to Mixing on 2 Turntables (matching tempo, composition, transitioning, key, Etc.)
  • Introduction to Beat Juggling (Live remixing of two sources through recomposing the structure of the song by hand, juggling portions of the music to create a new composition on the fly)
  • Introduction to Scratching Techniques and Theory – The biggest reason our students love us teaching is this portion, the nitty gritty of pure vinyl manipulation!


Offering Live PA Sound, Showcases big and small, and event music of all genres for a large variety of needs. Concerts, Weddings and other Family Events, Sporting Events, Private Events, Televised Events, and more. Contact us with your needs today!


Are you an already established DJ looking to add to your skills? We offer 1 on 1 training on any area you would like to dive into! Clean up those cuts, learn some new techniques in scratching, learn proper beatmatching skills and building a live performance set. Whatever you need help with, we can help!

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    Richard Crooks
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